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Friday, 23 April 2010

Readathon for the Keith Bennett Appeal

Mediumystics Chatrooms will be hosting another of it's successful Readathons over the May Bank Holiday weekend
Saturday 1st May - 2pm till 7pm
Sunday 2nd May - 2pm till 7pm
Monday 3rd May - Midday till Midnight
USA times added below

We are asking for a minimum dontation of £5 to attain your reading but please make sure that you can access the chatrooms before dontating to save you time and money. If you need some assistance logging into chat please feel free to email

Donate for a reading button will be on our forums, you can donate any time before the readings start and turn up on any of the 3 days for your reading

We welcome all readers to come along to help us rasie money for the Keith Bennett Appeal, if you can spare a hour or 2 please contact us at or contact one of the page admins

Raffle donations of books Cds, hand made jewelery, hand made cards ETC are also welcome. Any left over raffle prizes will be passed on to the Keith Bennett appeal. Again please contact us if you can help. or contact one of the page admins

The Keith Bennett appeal has been set up to raise funds to do a proffesional private search of the moors for the remains of Keith Bennett and to continue searches for other lost children in the memory of Keith.
The police officially stopped searching in July 2009. A full team of experts from around the UK have donated their time over many years and putting everything together for a full scale search. The purpose of the Appeal is to raise funds for search equipment, as the equipment we need costs thousands of pounds,

The search has started, with many locations of interest, which are based on factual evidence and indepth research, these areas have Cadavat dogs on, but digging cannot be done on these sites.By using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) it would show if there is anything under the grounds where the dogs react.

Once the search is carried out, specialists will write up full reports and compile evidence and hand it to Greater Manchester Police. You can view the News story on Winnie Johnsons Media page

Official Appeal page on Facebook

USA times
Saturday 1st May - Start at (8am-cst) (9am-est) (6am-pst) start for 5 hours
Sunday 2nd May - Start at (8am-cst) (9am-est) (6am-pst) for 5 hours
Monday 3rd May - Start at (6am-cst) (7am-est) (4am-pst) for 12 hours

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


by Jacky Newcomb

Children all over the world are being born with extraordinary psychic abilities These abilities include telekinesis (moving things with the mind), mediumship (the knack of communicating with the deceased), spiritual healing (using touch or natural objects such as crystals or feathers), to help cure illness in those around them; and still others with the capability of picking up guidance from their guardian angels and spirit guides, unseen by the adults in their lives.
Where do these abilities come from? Maybe we should ask,’ where do our children come from?’ Are our children the souls of advanced spiritual beings who are incarnating on earth at this time to help our struggling planet, as some believe? Or is this phenomenon part of the natural development of humankind?

Don’t think for one minute that this phenomenon is isolated to a small group of ‘new-agers’. Stories of children’s extraordinary abilities and experiences reach me from all over the world. Some experiences are ‘one-off’s’ which have the family totally baffled and others are life-long cases where the family just long to talk to others ‘like them’ about the fascinating and ‘scary’ phenomenon that they live with on a day-to-day basis.
Is it probable then that some children, young children in particular are able to perceive more than what we perceive as normal? I am most intrigued by the stories of children who see deceased relatives. Parents, grandparents and siblings seem to be the most common visitors with children often receiving visits from loved ones that they have never even met in life.

It doesn’t really matter if you believe in the phenomenon or not – scientists are beginning to discover what parents already know, psychic children are here!

Jacky Newcomb is a multi-award winning, Sunday Times best selling author, columnist and TV presenter. For more information read Jacky’s book ANGEL KIDS published by Hay House.

Visit Jacky’s website:
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