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Friday, 4 September 2009

Many thanks to Sally Morgan and her pubishers Peguin books for giving us this oppertunity xxx

Sally has selected 10 to answer as there were a few too many to get through in all!

Book Winner's are Sclero Aries and Bluemonach.

E-Interview with Sally Morgan

1) Which of the psychic senses do you feel are the most valuable to you personally, clairaudient etc?
Clairaudient means to hear and sometimes I hear. Clairvoyant means to see, psychic is a natural form of intuitiveness and a medium is someone who is in touch with the spirit world. I would really say that being a medium is an amalgamation of all of those abilities. I believe that it is not about senses, unfortunately we have to give people labels, but I like to call myself a medium. So just being able to contact the spirit world is the most valuable ability to me.

2) What advice would you give to those that have not as yet made contact with their guides, apart from patience?
I would say signs, we need to listen out for the signs and they can be as predictable as small white feathers, robins, butterflies, smells. It is basically looking out for signs because we are bombarded on a daily basis by the spirit world who wish to let us know that they are happy.

3) Many people ask why we as psychics etc grieve as much as everyone else when a loved one passes, if we are supposed to know they are still with us. What are your thoughts on this?
Grief, grieving, being bereaved is a human emotion and psychics are not devoid of emotion. I experience grief on a daily basis when speaking to people that have lost loved ones and my work wouldn’t be worth anything unless I was able to grieve with these people and feel their emotions.

4) Why do you think spirit communicate in so many different ways to different people, ie; - smell, sound, music, touch etc would it not be easier just to speak.
They do speak to me. Everyone has a psychic ability but like so many abilities they come at different levels, at different strengths and like so many abilities if we practice it on a daily basis we strengthen it.

5) What has been your best and worst 'wow' or 'knowing' moment and how did/were you able to give this when received.
There are just too many! I cannot pick a worst moment or a knowing moment. I am often asked this but it is impossible, I have done thousands and thousands of readings. I suppose a wow moment that everyone will understand was concerning the Princess of Wales, I was informed four days after her funeral, by a very close person connected to her, that I had predicted her death a year before; and it is on tape! Every single day I experience a wow moment and that moment comes about because of a knowing.

6) Have you always been aware and accepting of your gift and how old were you when you realised what was happening too you?
I have always been accepting of my ability because it has always been there ever since I can remember and like most people our memory tends to store information from about the age of four. Although there are incidents before I was four, I didn’t realise completely what was happening until I was an adult.

7) Spiritualism in its broadest context has gained much publicity and far more acceptance over the last decade. A lot of this has been through an increase in media programmes, publications and talented people like yourself. Where do you see the overall acceptance of mediumship and spiritualism as a true religion in five years time.
First of all I am not a spiritualist, I know this can be confusing to people because I speak to spirits but spiritualism is a recognised religion. I feel mediumship has gained approval and acceptance in the last decade. Unfortunately as I am not a spiritualist I don’t feel that I can speak for their religion and where it is going however I do have very strong views on all religions worldwide and I hope to write a book on religion very soon.

8) In your experience, do all spirits return to a place of love and light? Have you encountered spirits that seemed to inhabit a place of alienation and/or darkness?
In my brief experience of spirit world (because I will never live long enough to understand my work even if I was to live until I am 1,000 years old) it is certainly a place of love. I have encountered genuine evil only twice in my life but I have never come across a spirit in a place of darkness.

9) What spurs you on today to continue in your work and do you have any goals over the coming years IE do you have any ambitions to go further with your abilities.
Meeting the amount of people that I do on a daily basis that are so interested in my work inspires me to continue. My ability to contact the spirit world, I find awesome! My immediate goal is to continue with my touring with an ambition one day very soon to open a centre of excellence for psychics.

10) Can you tell from seeing or speaking to someone new to you whether they have gifts or not and if so can you tell what gifts they have?
I truly believe that we are all born with a psychic ability, just as people born with two hands could if they wanted to play the piano. Many of these people never touch a piano just as many never draw on their psychic ability. I can usually tell if someone is what I refer to as an “old spirit”.

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you all that I am no longer represented by Parallel Management. I would like to state that I in no way endorse any telephone lines which operate on any other websites with particular regard to and as these websites are currently not within my control.

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