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Monday, 11 May 2009

Joe Power

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we are so very pleased to announce the visit of the Skemersdale-born psychic Joe Power to Mediumystics on Wednesday 13th May at (9pm-gmt) (3-pm-cst) (4-pm-est) (1pm-pst) this being a Thursday for (6am-Melboure and Brisbane) and (8am Auckland)

Joe will also be giving away copys of his new book,"The Man Who Sees Dead People" on the night, he will give a small talk at the start, then open the floor for Questions/debates. Please be sure to be there on time as members have to be in the room at the start to collect a number. At the end Joe will pick numbers at random, and people will win his book.

Look out for Joe the day before on ITVs Loose Women on Tuesday 12th May between 12.30 and 1.30pm

The astonishing story of how Joe Power’s psychic gifts began to emerge and flourish is now an exciting book titled The Man Who Sees Dead People, due for release by Penguin on 14th May of 2009.

Joe’s phenomenal abilities began with a heightened sense of awareness in early infancy and exploded into a virtual army of spirit visitors who followed him around and invaded his homes. The reader rides along on his remarkable odyssey through a frightening childhood cluttered with dead people, teen violence and gangs, prison and alcoholism…and his desperation to halt his frightening psychic gifts.
It wasn't until his brother was murdered under suspicious circumstances and an amazing visit with him on the other side that he decided to explore his vast talents. He spent ten years studying and practicing psychic mediumship and now believes his difficult past was preparation for helping people with all levels of problems.

Settle back and begin your own journey into the possibilities of our universe. Joe hopes his story will jump-start the path for others and prove that nobody really dies.

You can also sign up for a copy of Joe's newsletter with a further chance to win a signed copy of Joe's book by visiting Joe's website
Joe's website also includes video clips of Joe Power in action on the streets of Liverpool stunning members of the public with his amazing psychic ability!

Psychic/medium Joe Power was born different. His amazing psychic ability began in infancy and expanded quickly to include mind-boggling visions, out-of-body travels, auras, premonitions and a motley array of constant spirit visitors. Through the years, Joe learned he possesses the full array of psychic skills including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairessience. He sees, hears and communicates with the spirit world with incredible ease. Joe uses these gifts in private readings with celebrities and people from all walks of life, providing astounding information from the spirit realm that explains and inspires

Fate Magazine, Mary Bryce, Editor
"When I first read Joe Power’s story I was utterly gripped. The results of his investigative work are compelling evidence to his incredible psychic powers - he's amazing!"

Featured in 'Pick Me Up Magazine' October 2007.

Featured on BBC News and ITV News

Nominated "Male personality of the Year"
Spiritual Connextions Acknowledgement Awards 2007

The Paranormal News, Alison Jordan, Editor
"UK's next phenomena is Joe Power"