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Monday, 9 November 2009

Children In Need

Readathon for Children in Need will be held in Mediumysticss chat rooms from Friday 20th November for 24 hours

Donations for readings start at £5.00. For each reading you have you will automatically be entered in to the prize raffle. Details of raffle and auction prizes are listed below

Donate via paypal: you will find the paypal button on mediumystics forums

Raffle will be drawn on Sunday 22nd Novemeber at 9pm Uk time by our Guest Barrie John in the chat rooms

We also have a poetry compertion in Mediumystics forums and the discussion boards. There will also be prizes for this, the Poetry will be Judged By Chantelle Lockhart Medium

Auction. - min bid is £5 for books and CDs - min bids for events and shows are as shown - All bids to be sent to along with your MM username. The winning bidders will be told 15th Nov.

Tuesday 17th - Pre Readathon Readings - Daytime only

Weds 18th - Pre Readathon Readings - Daytime only

Thurs 19th - Pre Readathon Readings - Daytime only

Friday 20th - 24 Hour Readathon from 7pm

Saturday 21st - Readathon till 7pm

Sunday 22nd - Raffle with Barrie John in room 10 at 9:30pm

This event is a Internet event, held in Mediumystics chat rooms - You will need to resistor at to access the chat rooms

Contact us at

But it does not stop there, this year we have many other goodies on offer in order to raise money for this worthy cause, they are as follows; -

Derek Acorah Donated a couple of tickets to one of Derek's shows.

Joe Powers - 2 tickets to see Joe Powers live on tour!!

Nicky Alan - 2 x 2 event Tickets plus CD

Kat Hillman & Sam Graham on behalf of Cherwell paranormal society would love to donate 2 free spaces to a raffle prize winner to any of there investigations.

Barrie John - Lucky winner has the chance to ask Barrie John 10 questions and Barrie will then send you an email reading based on your questions

Debbie Ogden Medium - Email Reading between 20th and 27th Nov

Gail Bristow Spiritualist - donateing a email/postal reading

Dawn Newbury - Donated a Reading

Rachel Curtis - Email 4 card reading plus colour reading

Tania Thomas - Canadian medium donated an email reading or a 1 hour phone reading.

Dominic Zenden - 2 half hour phone readings plus one of his Angel Art

Miami Psychic and 2 of their psychics, Soul Rescuer & Psychic Julia are each donating an email reading for 3 questions pertaining to the same subject.

Medium Lorraine-Lilly Ash - Dan will do a free reiki & Lorraine will be donateing a reading

John Chafer - Three 20 min telephone readins, to a uk landline,

Marie Medicinelady - Donated a Tarot Reading by email

Joylina Goodings - Paperback book by Joylina Goodings "Your Angel Journey"
3 X CD's in paper casing "Your Angel Journey" containing 19 tracks.
1 X Set Mini Angel Cards in Lilac Satin Bag
1 X Set Mini Angels Cards in Turquoise see through bag with Maribou Trim
1 X Set Mini Angel Cards in Shocking Pink see through bag with Maribou trim

Joy Warman -2 decks of Triangle of life cards to the value of £20 per pack plus handmade green heart necklace

Snowy Beswick - Has offered a CTS reading (worth £15) and also a copy of my CTS (How to read) beginner guide eBook (worth £25)

Colin Fry - 2 signed Books by Colin Fry 'Secrets from the after life' & ' Life before Dead' plus 1 signed and 1 unsigned photos

Jacky Newcomb - One-to-one consultation session in MM chat room to answer any questions you may have about angels and the afterlife PLUS Jackys Angel Workshop CD and a personally signed photo of Jacky

Tracy Higgs - A Book, A reading at her centre with one of Tracys team and a place on a day workshop

Robert Goodwin - Book 'Conversations with a Spirit Teacher' A DVD plus A reading via e mail; based on 10 questions

Sally Morgan - Healing Spirts Book

Lilian O'Neill - Raised £111 selling her handmade keyrings

Anne Bradford - Donated 4 books - Worcestershire, the Haunted County,The Haunted Midlands
Haunted Holidays and her latest book

Audrina Medium - Will donate all she raise's for her live event.

Mandy Jooste - Donated 2 CDs 'Letting go of the Backpack' 'A Walk with Angels'

Stephen Wollaston - Book " Realms of Wondrous Gifts" by Santoshan(Stephen Wollaston) with conversations with Glyn Edwards.

Diana Cooper - 1) Paperback book by Diana Cooper and Shaaron Hutton "Discover Atlantis" A guide to reclaiming the wisdom of the ancients.
2) Paper back book by Diana Cooper "Angel Inspiration" How to change your world with the angels.
3) Double CD "Prepare for 2012 and beyond" with Diana Cooper and Rosemary Stephenson.
4) A boxed CD/crystal pack contains "CD meditation to connect with your guardian angel, A piece of silk, 2 blessed crystals plus instructional booklet."
5) A boxed CD/crystal pack contains "Meditational CD to connect with Archangel Gabriel, a piece of white silk, 2 blessed crystal and comprehensive information booklet".
6) A boxed CD/crystal pack contains" Meditational CD to connect with Archangel Uriel, a piece of coloured silk, 2 blessed crystals and comprehensive information booklet"
7) A boxed CD/crystal pack contains" meditational CD to connect with Angel Wisdom, a piece of coloured silk, 2 blessed crystals and a comprehensive information booklet."

Jenny Smedley - 6 copies of her children's book, 'Night of the Unicorn'

David Wells – signed books 'Complete Guide to Developing Your Psychic Skills' 'Past Present and Future, what your past lives tell you about yourself' 'Real People, Reap Past Lives' 'Psychic Secrets' CD 'How to Discover Your Past Lives'

Chantelle Lockhart - donating her Poem books plus a wand - Chantelle is also Judging the poetry compertion

Robert Schwartz - A book (Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born)

Cathlene Smith - 2 signed books "Slivers of Reality" and "Trio of Horrors: Three Tales from the Holocaust"

Margaret McElroy -Donated a signed copy of her book "The Energy of Life"

Eileen Babb - Donated a book called Further Revelations of Silas a Spirit Guide

James Van Praagh - 1) Hard Back book by James Van Praagh "Heaven and Earth"
2) Hard Back Book by James Van Praagh "Reaching for Heaven"
3) Hard Back Book by James Van Praagh "Talking to Heaven"
4) Hard Back Book by James Van Praagh "Ghosts Amongst Us"

Tony Stockwell -Donating a book (details to come)

Karen Owens - donating all proceeds on her Karen`s Kreations page to Children In Need from sales up to 20th November.

Hay House - Donated 3 books 'Developing Mediumship' by Gordon Smith (signed)
'Life Changing messages' by Gordon Smith (unsigned)
'The Amazing Powers of Animals' by Gordon Smith (signed), a CD plus Tarot cards

Bette Brown - Proceeds from her raffle at her event on 14th Dec

Donald Coe - 10 words of wisdom Booklets and One of his paintings from daddypea

Jane Mc Carthy - Book -'The Wonderous cross' plus clairvoyant demonstrations with psychic art and readings

Pamela Marie Edmunds - Will be reading in the rooms USA time zone

Karen Dawson - Reading in Rooms

Bryan Boyle - Reading in Rooms

Phil Towler - Reading in rooms

Staff and members of

KEEP WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Many thanks to Sally Morgan and her pubishers Peguin books for giving us this oppertunity xxx

Sally has selected 10 to answer as there were a few too many to get through in all!

Book Winner's are Sclero Aries and Bluemonach.

E-Interview with Sally Morgan

1) Which of the psychic senses do you feel are the most valuable to you personally, clairaudient etc?
Clairaudient means to hear and sometimes I hear. Clairvoyant means to see, psychic is a natural form of intuitiveness and a medium is someone who is in touch with the spirit world. I would really say that being a medium is an amalgamation of all of those abilities. I believe that it is not about senses, unfortunately we have to give people labels, but I like to call myself a medium. So just being able to contact the spirit world is the most valuable ability to me.

2) What advice would you give to those that have not as yet made contact with their guides, apart from patience?
I would say signs, we need to listen out for the signs and they can be as predictable as small white feathers, robins, butterflies, smells. It is basically looking out for signs because we are bombarded on a daily basis by the spirit world who wish to let us know that they are happy.

3) Many people ask why we as psychics etc grieve as much as everyone else when a loved one passes, if we are supposed to know they are still with us. What are your thoughts on this?
Grief, grieving, being bereaved is a human emotion and psychics are not devoid of emotion. I experience grief on a daily basis when speaking to people that have lost loved ones and my work wouldn’t be worth anything unless I was able to grieve with these people and feel their emotions.

4) Why do you think spirit communicate in so many different ways to different people, ie; - smell, sound, music, touch etc would it not be easier just to speak.
They do speak to me. Everyone has a psychic ability but like so many abilities they come at different levels, at different strengths and like so many abilities if we practice it on a daily basis we strengthen it.

5) What has been your best and worst 'wow' or 'knowing' moment and how did/were you able to give this when received.
There are just too many! I cannot pick a worst moment or a knowing moment. I am often asked this but it is impossible, I have done thousands and thousands of readings. I suppose a wow moment that everyone will understand was concerning the Princess of Wales, I was informed four days after her funeral, by a very close person connected to her, that I had predicted her death a year before; and it is on tape! Every single day I experience a wow moment and that moment comes about because of a knowing.

6) Have you always been aware and accepting of your gift and how old were you when you realised what was happening too you?
I have always been accepting of my ability because it has always been there ever since I can remember and like most people our memory tends to store information from about the age of four. Although there are incidents before I was four, I didn’t realise completely what was happening until I was an adult.

7) Spiritualism in its broadest context has gained much publicity and far more acceptance over the last decade. A lot of this has been through an increase in media programmes, publications and talented people like yourself. Where do you see the overall acceptance of mediumship and spiritualism as a true religion in five years time.
First of all I am not a spiritualist, I know this can be confusing to people because I speak to spirits but spiritualism is a recognised religion. I feel mediumship has gained approval and acceptance in the last decade. Unfortunately as I am not a spiritualist I don’t feel that I can speak for their religion and where it is going however I do have very strong views on all religions worldwide and I hope to write a book on religion very soon.

8) In your experience, do all spirits return to a place of love and light? Have you encountered spirits that seemed to inhabit a place of alienation and/or darkness?
In my brief experience of spirit world (because I will never live long enough to understand my work even if I was to live until I am 1,000 years old) it is certainly a place of love. I have encountered genuine evil only twice in my life but I have never come across a spirit in a place of darkness.

9) What spurs you on today to continue in your work and do you have any goals over the coming years IE do you have any ambitions to go further with your abilities.
Meeting the amount of people that I do on a daily basis that are so interested in my work inspires me to continue. My ability to contact the spirit world, I find awesome! My immediate goal is to continue with my touring with an ambition one day very soon to open a centre of excellence for psychics.

10) Can you tell from seeing or speaking to someone new to you whether they have gifts or not and if so can you tell what gifts they have?
I truly believe that we are all born with a psychic ability, just as people born with two hands could if they wanted to play the piano. Many of these people never touch a piano just as many never draw on their psychic ability. I can usually tell if someone is what I refer to as an “old spirit”.

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you all that I am no longer represented by Parallel Management. I would like to state that I in no way endorse any telephone lines which operate on any other websites with particular regard to and as these websites are currently not within my control.

Sally Morgan’s official new website is

Monday, 27 July 2009

Dawn Berry

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we are so very pleased to announce the visit of Dawn Berry to Mediumystics on Weds 29th July at (9pm-gmt) (3pm-cst) (4pm-est) (1pm-pst)

Dawn has communicated with Spirit since childhood and has become renowned as an excellent teacher of esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual subjects. With a family tree that encompasses French aristocratic witches and Bulgarian gypsy, she supposes that something benefits had to come out of this strange gene-pool!

Over the years she has grown further into her mediumship with guidance from teachers including Glynn Edwards, Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell.

Professional life has led Dawn to work in a great variety of work roles, until she became aware of a need for a total change of direction. That change of direction was far more dramatic than anyone of her friends and family anticipated, as Dawn set off of further adventures of learning that never ends, in her desire to serve and provide value to others.

Today, due to the way her spiritual work has transformed over the years, she specialises in working with people to overcome any past or current difficulties to open up their lives to experience their full potential.

Over the years, she has worked in many of the Spiritualist churches in the East Midlands area, and also runs development groups and workshops when she can in her busy schedule. She has also been interviewed on BBC Radio Nottingham and with Boundary Sound 87.7FM.

Dawn has a great thirst for knowledge and constantly seeks further enlightenment through historical writings and ground-breaking scientific research to understand more clearly how the human mind-body interactions work, and how this can be interpreted to show evidence of how mediumship works as a natural component of the human psyche.

She already holds a Degree in Holistic Studies and Clinical Hypnotherapy, she has worked with several Trance Mediums to produce a thesis on how Mediumship can be further enhanced using Hypnosis techniques as part of the completion for a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and also a PhD in Metaphysics. She endeavours to pass this learning on through her workshops, seminars and demonstrations

She began working with paranormal groups in early 2005, simply because they asked! This has taken her to many venues including Guyscliffe House, Warwick Castle, The Galleries of Justice, and many more.

Recently, Dawn went in partnership with Barrie John, together they have formed a new company 'When Two Worlds Meet' where they will be creating new ventures to help those out there seeking the Truth to discover the Science behind the Faiths. Conversations with TV Production Companies are happening as are many exciting conversations with other potential working partners.
Whatever Dawn does, it involves communication, and not surprisingly - She loves PEOPLE!

Dawn’s charity volunteer works include The Princes Trust, she also supports S.H.E. (Survivors Helping Each-other), an organisation based in Newark helping adult survivors of child abuse

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Harrison Richards

We are so very pleased to announce Fortune Teller, Palmist, Crystal Ball and Tarot Card Reader Harrison Richards will be onsite on Sunday 14th June at (9pm-gmt)( 3-pm-cst) (4-pm-est) (1pm-pst)

“My childhood saw me obsessed with anything mysterious and unconventional” says Harrison. “My parents didn’t particularly encourage me to do anything in any way psychic, they probably wouldn’t have approved of tarot cards, which is how I got into palmistry, because all you need to do it, obviously, are palms.”

It was some years later that Harrison began taking an interest in the psychology behind the psychic. “I've always approached new age thinking in a sceptical manner” explains Harrison, “The powers of suggestion and non-verbal influence intrigue me just as much as intuition and psychic ability”.

Today, Harrison Richards presents his own brand of entertainment, mixing the ancient and mysterious methods of the past with today’s cutting edge psychological techniques.
Over many years of study, training and 'hands-on' experience, Harrison has become one of the most in demand and successful palm readers in the UK.
Harrison is highly regarded for his thoughtful, friendly and informative approach. He performs all over the UK and abroad, has read the minds of celebrities on television and appears regularly on various UK radio shows.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Joe Power

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we are so very pleased to announce the visit of the Skemersdale-born psychic Joe Power to Mediumystics on Wednesday 13th May at (9pm-gmt) (3-pm-cst) (4-pm-est) (1pm-pst) this being a Thursday for (6am-Melboure and Brisbane) and (8am Auckland)

Joe will also be giving away copys of his new book,"The Man Who Sees Dead People" on the night, he will give a small talk at the start, then open the floor for Questions/debates. Please be sure to be there on time as members have to be in the room at the start to collect a number. At the end Joe will pick numbers at random, and people will win his book.

Look out for Joe the day before on ITVs Loose Women on Tuesday 12th May between 12.30 and 1.30pm

The astonishing story of how Joe Power’s psychic gifts began to emerge and flourish is now an exciting book titled The Man Who Sees Dead People, due for release by Penguin on 14th May of 2009.

Joe’s phenomenal abilities began with a heightened sense of awareness in early infancy and exploded into a virtual army of spirit visitors who followed him around and invaded his homes. The reader rides along on his remarkable odyssey through a frightening childhood cluttered with dead people, teen violence and gangs, prison and alcoholism…and his desperation to halt his frightening psychic gifts.
It wasn't until his brother was murdered under suspicious circumstances and an amazing visit with him on the other side that he decided to explore his vast talents. He spent ten years studying and practicing psychic mediumship and now believes his difficult past was preparation for helping people with all levels of problems.

Settle back and begin your own journey into the possibilities of our universe. Joe hopes his story will jump-start the path for others and prove that nobody really dies.

You can also sign up for a copy of Joe's newsletter with a further chance to win a signed copy of Joe's book by visiting Joe's website
Joe's website also includes video clips of Joe Power in action on the streets of Liverpool stunning members of the public with his amazing psychic ability!

Psychic/medium Joe Power was born different. His amazing psychic ability began in infancy and expanded quickly to include mind-boggling visions, out-of-body travels, auras, premonitions and a motley array of constant spirit visitors. Through the years, Joe learned he possesses the full array of psychic skills including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairessience. He sees, hears and communicates with the spirit world with incredible ease. Joe uses these gifts in private readings with celebrities and people from all walks of life, providing astounding information from the spirit realm that explains and inspires

Fate Magazine, Mary Bryce, Editor
"When I first read Joe Power’s story I was utterly gripped. The results of his investigative work are compelling evidence to his incredible psychic powers - he's amazing!"

Featured in 'Pick Me Up Magazine' October 2007.

Featured on BBC News and ITV News

Nominated "Male personality of the Year"
Spiritual Connextions Acknowledgement Awards 2007

The Paranormal News, Alison Jordan, Editor
"UK's next phenomena is Joe Power"

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter in Mediumystics

For 4 days over Easter Mediumystics is bringing loads of events and fun.

Easter Poems Thread will be created in the forums for all your wonderful poems, can you can all add to the same thread, so no one misses the poems

Easter Story's Thread will also be created in the forums for all your fun story's,can you can all add to the same thread, so no one misses the poems

Easter egg hunt will be on in the forums, find as many eggs as you can over the 4 days

We have Easter Quiz, Pass the egg, Easter bonnet class, Daddypea and Nikkis Sunday service, and zyzygy will also be in to do his popular class

A mini Readathon is on Sunday 12th march from 11am UK time, this is 8pm Melbourne time.So if you are interested in a free reading come and join us and see what our wonderful readers may have to tell you.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Mediumystics welcomes back Robert Goodwin

Mediumystics welcomes back Robert Goodwin on Wednesday 15th April at (9pm-gmt) (3-pm-cst) (4-pm-est) (1pm-pst) This being a Thursday for (8-am-Melboure)

Robert will give a small talk at the start and then open the floor for Questions/debates. Many of you will know Robert from the internet please take a look at his site Goodwin

I have been a platform medium since 1979, having sat in a development circle fo several years beforehand. I have worked publicly ever since demonstrating both Trance (the spirit guide White Feather speaks through me and also answers questions put to him from the public during live events) and clairvoyance.
I have worked at the Arthur Findlay College on several occasions and have demonstrated alongside mediums such as Mary Duffy, Mavis Pittila, Doris Collins, Gordon Higginson, Albert Best, Ursula Roberts, Coral Polge and others.

We have published five books of White Feather teachings as well as a CD and DVD. I have also appeared on Radio. I currently demonstrate throughout the UK but mainly in my native Midlands, regularly undertaking Trance Evenings and clairvoyant evenings. I have both run and sat in mental and physical circles and I am also a fully qualified hypnotherapist.

I am married, with a grown up daughter and currently live in Kidderminster, just south of Birmingham

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday 15th March

The forums will be closed while some upgrades are added the downtime will be about
1:00pm uk time. Not sure how long it will take but should be back way before
Daddypeas service at 6:00 pm uk time


Sunday, 1 March 2009

Barrie John

** SPECIAL GUEST ** We are so very pleased to announce the visit of Barrie John to Mediumystics on 18th March (9pm-gmt) (4-pm-cst) (5-pm-est) (2pm-pst) this being a Thursday for (8-am-Melboure)

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we welcome Barrie John to give a talk for us and a Q&A session.

Barrie is a guest medium on Living T.V's most haunted programme, and ever since his appearance has become one of the most requested mediums for paranormal and events.

Please check out his website

We are sure you will find it interesting and informative and look forward as eagerly as us to his appearance.

Barrie is the Guest Medium for Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted,’ (series 10) - Now Released on DVD.

Barrie’s latest television appearance with Most Haunted has now made him one of the most requested mediums for Paranormal Group’s and Event organiser’s.



(Clairvoyant Medium, Public Demonstrations & Private Sittings, Paranormal Events, Workshops & Tuition)

** visit us for your Ultimate Corporate Events and Experience a night to remember.

*GUEST MEDIUM* For Living TV's MOST HAUNTED Programme Series 10'

*WINNER* for MOST POPULAR SPIRITUAL MALE for 2008 - Spiritual Connextions Awards 2008'

*WINNER* For Best Up and Coming Medium for 2007 - Spiritual Connextions Awards 2007'

*HAUNTED LEEDS* Medium for the Yorkshire Evening Post Podcast exclusive

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Jacky Newcomb

Jacky Newcomb also known as the angel lady will be in mediumysitcs on Wednesday the 25Th of Febuary at 9pm.
Her last visit to MM was a very popular time and everyone thoroughly enjoyed her time there. It was greatly appreciated for her to take time out of a busy schedule and to return to do yet another talk and answer your burning questions.

Jacky Newcomb is an international award winning writer, Sunday Times best selling author, broadcaster, paranormal experiences expert, and columnist. Jacky has published hundreds articles about angels, afterlife experiences and spiritual phenomenon.

Jacky is the author of eight books on positive paranormal themes. Her books have been published in many different languages (including Japanese, Hungarian and Dutch) and have sold hundreds of thousands of copies around the world.

She is a popular radio and TV guest and has worked with such people as presenter Gloria Hunniford, Most Haunted's David Wells and Richard Felix, and musician and presenter Myleene Klass. Jacky has appeared on many television shows including This Morning LK Today and LivingTV's 'Psychic Live'... She is currently looking for her own show!
Jacky is a expert in:
Spirit guides,
Near death experiences,
Out of body experiences,
Past lives,
Between lives and before life memories,
Psychic children/new age children (indigo, crystal and rainbows),
Psychics and mediums,
Afterlife contact
Psychic protection
Guided meditations

You really need to look at Jackys website for more information on this wonderful lady. It is always a pleasure for us when Jacky comes to Mediumystics and we look forward to seeing her again on the 25th Febuary