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Friday, 27 March 2009

Mediumystics welcomes back Robert Goodwin

Mediumystics welcomes back Robert Goodwin on Wednesday 15th April at (9pm-gmt) (3-pm-cst) (4-pm-est) (1pm-pst) This being a Thursday for (8-am-Melboure)

Robert will give a small talk at the start and then open the floor for Questions/debates. Many of you will know Robert from the internet please take a look at his site Goodwin

I have been a platform medium since 1979, having sat in a development circle fo several years beforehand. I have worked publicly ever since demonstrating both Trance (the spirit guide White Feather speaks through me and also answers questions put to him from the public during live events) and clairvoyance.
I have worked at the Arthur Findlay College on several occasions and have demonstrated alongside mediums such as Mary Duffy, Mavis Pittila, Doris Collins, Gordon Higginson, Albert Best, Ursula Roberts, Coral Polge and others.

We have published five books of White Feather teachings as well as a CD and DVD. I have also appeared on Radio. I currently demonstrate throughout the UK but mainly in my native Midlands, regularly undertaking Trance Evenings and clairvoyant evenings. I have both run and sat in mental and physical circles and I am also a fully qualified hypnotherapist.

I am married, with a grown up daughter and currently live in Kidderminster, just south of Birmingham

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday 15th March

The forums will be closed while some upgrades are added the downtime will be about
1:00pm uk time. Not sure how long it will take but should be back way before
Daddypeas service at 6:00 pm uk time


Sunday, 1 March 2009

Barrie John

** SPECIAL GUEST ** We are so very pleased to announce the visit of Barrie John to Mediumystics on 18th March (9pm-gmt) (4-pm-cst) (5-pm-est) (2pm-pst) this being a Thursday for (8-am-Melboure)

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we welcome Barrie John to give a talk for us and a Q&A session.

Barrie is a guest medium on Living T.V's most haunted programme, and ever since his appearance has become one of the most requested mediums for paranormal and events.

Please check out his website

We are sure you will find it interesting and informative and look forward as eagerly as us to his appearance.

Barrie is the Guest Medium for Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted,’ (series 10) - Now Released on DVD.

Barrie’s latest television appearance with Most Haunted has now made him one of the most requested mediums for Paranormal Group’s and Event organiser’s.



(Clairvoyant Medium, Public Demonstrations & Private Sittings, Paranormal Events, Workshops & Tuition)

** visit us for your Ultimate Corporate Events and Experience a night to remember.

*GUEST MEDIUM* For Living TV's MOST HAUNTED Programme Series 10'

*WINNER* for MOST POPULAR SPIRITUAL MALE for 2008 - Spiritual Connextions Awards 2008'

*WINNER* For Best Up and Coming Medium for 2007 - Spiritual Connextions Awards 2007'

*HAUNTED LEEDS* Medium for the Yorkshire Evening Post Podcast exclusive