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Monday, 27 July 2009

Dawn Berry

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we are so very pleased to announce the visit of Dawn Berry to Mediumystics on Weds 29th July at (9pm-gmt) (3pm-cst) (4pm-est) (1pm-pst)

Dawn has communicated with Spirit since childhood and has become renowned as an excellent teacher of esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual subjects. With a family tree that encompasses French aristocratic witches and Bulgarian gypsy, she supposes that something benefits had to come out of this strange gene-pool!

Over the years she has grown further into her mediumship with guidance from teachers including Glynn Edwards, Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell.

Professional life has led Dawn to work in a great variety of work roles, until she became aware of a need for a total change of direction. That change of direction was far more dramatic than anyone of her friends and family anticipated, as Dawn set off of further adventures of learning that never ends, in her desire to serve and provide value to others.

Today, due to the way her spiritual work has transformed over the years, she specialises in working with people to overcome any past or current difficulties to open up their lives to experience their full potential.

Over the years, she has worked in many of the Spiritualist churches in the East Midlands area, and also runs development groups and workshops when she can in her busy schedule. She has also been interviewed on BBC Radio Nottingham and with Boundary Sound 87.7FM.

Dawn has a great thirst for knowledge and constantly seeks further enlightenment through historical writings and ground-breaking scientific research to understand more clearly how the human mind-body interactions work, and how this can be interpreted to show evidence of how mediumship works as a natural component of the human psyche.

She already holds a Degree in Holistic Studies and Clinical Hypnotherapy, she has worked with several Trance Mediums to produce a thesis on how Mediumship can be further enhanced using Hypnosis techniques as part of the completion for a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and also a PhD in Metaphysics. She endeavours to pass this learning on through her workshops, seminars and demonstrations

She began working with paranormal groups in early 2005, simply because they asked! This has taken her to many venues including Guyscliffe House, Warwick Castle, The Galleries of Justice, and many more.

Recently, Dawn went in partnership with Barrie John, together they have formed a new company 'When Two Worlds Meet' where they will be creating new ventures to help those out there seeking the Truth to discover the Science behind the Faiths. Conversations with TV Production Companies are happening as are many exciting conversations with other potential working partners.
Whatever Dawn does, it involves communication, and not surprisingly - She loves PEOPLE!

Dawn’s charity volunteer works include The Princes Trust, she also supports S.H.E. (Survivors Helping Each-other), an organisation based in Newark helping adult survivors of child abuse