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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Harrison Richards

We are so very pleased to announce Fortune Teller, Palmist, Crystal Ball and Tarot Card Reader Harrison Richards will be onsite on Sunday 14th June at (9pm-gmt)( 3-pm-cst) (4-pm-est) (1pm-pst)

“My childhood saw me obsessed with anything mysterious and unconventional” says Harrison. “My parents didn’t particularly encourage me to do anything in any way psychic, they probably wouldn’t have approved of tarot cards, which is how I got into palmistry, because all you need to do it, obviously, are palms.”

It was some years later that Harrison began taking an interest in the psychology behind the psychic. “I've always approached new age thinking in a sceptical manner” explains Harrison, “The powers of suggestion and non-verbal influence intrigue me just as much as intuition and psychic ability”.

Today, Harrison Richards presents his own brand of entertainment, mixing the ancient and mysterious methods of the past with today’s cutting edge psychological techniques.
Over many years of study, training and 'hands-on' experience, Harrison has become one of the most in demand and successful palm readers in the UK.
Harrison is highly regarded for his thoughtful, friendly and informative approach. He performs all over the UK and abroad, has read the minds of celebrities on television and appears regularly on various UK radio shows.